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WE ARE A CrossFit Gym in Warrington - a community driven fitness facility


Born from the desire to be the best version of ourselves.

Rep By Rep, that journey continues.

Kieran Whitehead
Kieran Whitehead - Coach/Owner

I found CrossFit in 2017 and it literally changed my life. I started out going to one class a week, then two and before I knew it, I was training every day. It was not only the results I enjoyed but the friendships, competition and lifestyle that comes within a CrossFit community.

I just love learning and developing my knowledge within CrossFit every single day and have been lucky enough to open my own Box with my good friend and training partner Darren Jones.

I strive to pass on my knowledge to not only our members but anybody I come across in life. Yes, I do talk about CrossFit a lot! 😊


I aim to create an enjoyable and fun environment for all of our members all year round, as well as helping them achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

Darren Jones
Darren Jones - Coach/Owner

Stumbling across CrossFit after an injury through powerlifting I jumped in with both feet, not only to the sport but the CrossFit lifestyle as well. CrossFit has been the main driving force of being sober since January 2018.


Completing my CF Level 1 coaching just 6 months into my journey, I knew that one day I would be opening the doors to my own gym. After forming the clothing brand REPBYREP with fellow RBR coach Iain Robinson, there really was only one way this could go. 


I hope to pass on and continue to develop my knowledge, hopefully helping as many people as possible to achieve their goals.

Matt Farrand

I first found out about CrossFit in 2012 when I spent the summer watching Rich Froning dominate at the games. The same weekend I moved to university, I went to CrossFit Liverpool and haven't looked back since.

8 years of training and 4 years of coaching later and I still love it as much as day 1! 

I've had the privilege to coach over 300 athletes from ages 5 up to 80 and still the best feeling in the world for me is seeing someone's face light up when they get their first rep of something.

I'm looking forward to many more!

Callum Spencer

I have a huge passion for health and fitness and specifically CrossFit!


I am a CrossFit Level 1 Coach and a qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer. I have also studied Sports Coaching at university.  When coaching, I love working with all abilities and helping them to achieve their goals. My favourite piece of equipment in the gym is the rower and I have a love for burpees.

Jenny Scrivener
Jenny Scrivener - Coach

After trying many different sports and attending all types of different gyms throughout my 20’s, I found I couldn’t stick at anything for longer than a few months… and then found CrossFit.


Over three years in now and I’ve never looked back. My favourite piece of equipment is the rower and my love for the community feel has lead me to some of my closest friends. Accountant by day and CrossFit Level 1 coach by night/weekend!

Iain Robinson

I started CrossFit in 2016, coming from a background in running. I quickly fell in love with the variety and results of CrossFit.


In 2018, inspired by my desire to help and improve others, I began coaching. I enjoy continually learning and using the analytical skills I have developed in my job as an engineer to learn more about the sport and help others more effectively.


I focus on delivering warm, friendly and supportive classes for all.

Phil Kivell

Over the last 8 years I have immersed myself into the world of strength training, more specifically bodyweight strength training. Over this time, I have tried and tested many styles and systems of training in order to upskill my calisthenics exercises and mobility in order to obtain a healthy well-functioning body.


As a CrossFit athlete, your training will benefit from adding different training styles together. My aim is to bring you the most comprehensive bodyweight training program to help you stay supple, strong and injury free so you can bring your ultimate self into the gym, competition and just day to day life!


I am privileged to be involved with CrossFit RBR and it’s fantastic and enthusiastic team. I look forward to working with you all to build those gains!

Meet YOUR Trainers

Gym Floor


As a CrossFit Gym in Warrington, we believe in having the right tool for the job.

Rest assured that what ever your training goals, we have suitable equipment to help you achieve your goals.

Core equipment includes...
Echo bike, Rowing Machines, Wall Balls, Dumbbells, Barbells and Plates, Kettlebells, Climbing ropes, Gymnastics Rings, Skipping Ropes. Plus, we are always adding to our arsenal of equipment to make sure we can continually challenge you.

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