A 60 minute CrossFit Class filled with fun and fitness.

Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement over broad domains - basically, Adult PE.

You will have lots of fun pushing your body's limits, surrounded by amazing like minded people.


Short and sharp!

CrossFit-30 offers the WOD (Workout of the Day)*

Short on time?

Book in for one of our lunch time sessions to get your CrossFit fix. Beware, it's going to get sweaty!

*warm up, workout and cool-down will be modified to suit time restraints.


RBR weightlifting training allows us to slow down and really focus on the way our body is moving in our Olympic lifts.


Breaking movements down, building from the ground up we will be moving better to make us stronger.


RBR Bodyweight training sets the foundation which you can build on to become the strongest version of yourself!


We will not only focus on the skills that are popular within CrossFit workouts such as muscle ups and handstands but also the fundamentals of movement to ensure you stay mobile, supple and injury free both in and out of the gym


Open Gym!

Use of CrossFit RBR to get your WOD done when it suits you. With access to one of our coaches to answer any questions you may have.


Come train with us!


This is a chance to throw down with the coaching team! Our biggest class available.


Slam bars, make friends and make gains.


Beginner, intermediate or advanced.

These classes run through the 9 fundamental movements of CrossFit.

Get booked on and hone your skills.


2 sessions per week, every week.

Whether you're restricted on time, training in multiple sports or just want to ease yourself in, Double Dose offers you that CrossFit RBR fix when and how you need it.


We offer a range of flexible membership options, with no joining fees.



NOW £95/month*

Unlimited membership includes:

Full access to the gym during opening hours. Includes open gym and ALL CrossFit classes.

*Offer ends 30th April 2021

This is the most basic option.

Need your CrossFit fix or even just to see what it's all about? Try a single session with no commitment.